Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chau, Australia!

So it seems that the weather gods are ready for me to head off for Buenos Aires this morning. The mother of all storms that they unleashed yesterday that was threatening to keep me from leaving Australia for the next couple of days would appear to have morphed into an uncharacteristically blue sky without a cloud to be seen.

I have no idea as to the length of the flight; I'm traversing far too many time zones for it to make any sense. All I know is that I leave at 11am this morning, and arrive at 10am the same day.

I had toyed with the idea of checking out the P90X DVDs while I as on the plane, but I doubt any of the exercises are 747-friendly... I don't envisage being able to doing push-ups in the aisle, ab crunches while straddling the drinks trolley or pull-ups using the overhead compartments with my crotch bouncing up and down in front of the faces of other passengers... I think this is a niche in the fitness market that could quickly be filled - Airplane Aerobics! Think about how much fuel the airline would save if people started shedding weight mid-flight! Genius!

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